Stone Forts

A series of articles from "Waller and Dyker" the magazine of the Dry Stone Walling Association, can be viewed as .pdf files.....
Article 1 covers stoneforts in gerneral, with special mention of Staigue, G:
Article 2 covers Dun Eochla & Dun Eoghanacta on Inis Mor, Airann.
Article 3 Not yet uploaded will cover Dun Aonghasa & Dun Ducathair on Inis Mor, Airann.

Below is a collection of photos from the articles and beyond
Thanks to Dave Perry for permission to use his photos

Staigue Stone Fort, Kerry

Staigue Stonefort Staigue Stonefort Profile Staigue Stonefort Entrance Staigue Stonefort Steps Inside Staigue Stonefort

Dun Aonghasa, Inis Mor

Dun Aonghasa from East Dun Aonghasa Dun Aonghasa Central Ring Wall Dun Aonghasa Ramparts Dun Aonghasa Steps Chevaux de Frise

Dun Duchathair, "Black Fort" Inis Mor

Dun Duchathair Dun Duchathair Wall Dun Duchathair Ramparts

Dun Eochla, Inis Mor

Dun Eochla Dun Eochla Ramparts Dun Eochla Steps Dun Eochla

Dun Eoghanacta, Inis Mor

Dun Eoghanacta Dun Eoghanacta Ramparts Dun Eoghanacta Steps Dun Eoghanacta Stonework

More photos and Text to follow